Current Pricelist

I am not an attorney, and therefore, by law, I cannot explain or interpret the contents of any document for you, instruct you on how to complete a document, or direct you on the advisability of sighing a particular document. By doing so, I would be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and could face legal penalties that include the possibility of incarceration. Any important questions about your document should be addressed to an attorney.

I am not a Loan Signing Agent and am currently not accepting loan signings.

I accept Healthcare and Power of Attorney, Guardianship papers, Wills and Codicils, Acknowledgements and Oaths or Jurats.

If you are at ETSU, the VA or JCMC, I’m only 5 minutes away. My travel cost to you in these facilities is only $10!

You must bring all papers to the signing, and I cannot, by law, advise you on the contents or advisability of signing any document. I may only attest and notarize that the signer knowingly and willfully signed the documents. You, as the client, must produce all witnesses.

*Signature by mark requires 2 witnesses who know the signer personally. Signer “MUST” be conscious and make the mark without assistance, and not be under the influence of a medication that may fog the mind.

Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MC

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